Georgester’s Portfolio

This is a collection of every achivement Georgester has ever gained from his gaming career. Big victory or small, you can find it all here!

Georgester’s Portfolio is themed and contains everything relating to his personal achivements within his career in the gaming sector. Such as esports and competitive gaming, video games development, artwork, attending networking events including LAN’s (Local Area Network Parties and Events), EGX and UKGE.

Lightseekers Tournaments and Competitive Gaming

Georgester attended many competitive Lightseekers events where he used his honed skills to place top 8 in the UK on a multitude of occasions. Georgester was the youngest amongst the Top 8 players in the world, online and at competitions.

Georgester was well known in the Lightseekers community as a big personality. This stemmed from his live streams of the game that where the most viewed in the community. Regardless of the tournament, players would always recognise and approch Georgester at events. This is because of his popular live streams. Players used to talk about Georgester a lot at competitions as although he was the joker he always placed highly in competitions.

Here is a list of events attended and his placments for each:

  • Playfusion HQ Rift Night – 6th Place
  • Uncon Basic Constructed Tournament – 2nd Place
  • Heroic Starfish Championship – 8th Place

Visionary Program:

Another achievement that relates to Lightseekers but was outside the scope of competitive gaming was when Georgester become a huge asset of the Lightseekers visonary program.

There where 3 tiers to this program each named something different.

  • Envoy
    “An Envoy is a passionate member of our community who wants to share that passion with the rest of world.

    They are active posters in the forums, people who make YouTube channels and podcast, creators of fanart, travelers to multiple stores, and players who help create more Lightseekers. The “official criteria” for this position is being an active fan of the game!”
  • Seer
    “A Seer has proven their knowledge in the game and their ability to run Lightseekers demos.

    Becoming a Seer requires achieving at least 80% in a simple rules test and getting a recommendation from their local game store, tournament organizer, a PlayFusion employee, or an existing Seer or Oracle.”
  • Oracle
    “An Oracle is a Seer that has demonstrated extensive knowledge of the rules and interactions of Lightseekers.

    Oracles are trusted to officiate premier tournaments and answer more complicated rules questions. They are the leaders of our Visionary Program. Oracles must achieve at least an 80% on the Oracle test, have a recommendation from their local game store, tournament organizer, PlayFusion employee, or an Oracle.”

Georgester always stood out from the crowd and earned respect in the community as an “Oracle” for Playfusion as an active member of their visionary program. The role of an Oracle is effectively the same role as a community manager within the gaming industry. Oracle applications had to be assessed by Playfusion and successful applicants then had to take an examination to test that the applicant had an extensive knowledge of the games rules and mechanics.

Envoys or Seers when passed became Oracles that where then permetted to set up offical community events and have access to add to the online tournament calendar. Oracles where also qualified enough to become a Lightseekers official tournament judge which in turn then allowed them to organise and host there own official offline tournments and events. There was only ever a handful of applicants who became qualified enough to gain the rank of an Oracle, therefore all must take there postion very seriously.

Video Games Development

Throughout Georgester’s career in the UK’s video games industry, he has made huge contributions to many a project, many of those due to be released in the coming months.

Super Space Towers

One of the titles Georgester has worked on includes Super Space Towers developed by Happy Cactus Games. Whilst developing Super Space Tower Georgester worked in the Quality Assurance department. Within this role Georgester would playtest the game to detect and pick up on parts of the level that would not be fun for the end user, bugs within the game and visual glitches.

Some of The Key Things Georgester Tackled During This Project:

  • Playing through levels repeatedly in order to find and eliminate anything that made a level less aesthetic or disrupted the flow of the gameplay.
  • Repeatedly playing through levels to find bugs, document them and then report them to the relevant department to be dealt with accordingly.
  • Looking at and testing new features. Then making final decisions on whether those where detrimental to the user’s needs, core gameplay, games aesthetic or players enjoyment.
An Example of An Obvious Bug That Georgester Found in The QA Department

Extra Responsibilities:

Georgester also had some extra responsibilities whilst developing Super Space Towers such as suggesting improvements for competitive play and speedruns. These suggestions where then implemented into the game and are successful due to Georgester’s prior experience with competitive games and balancing.

Georgester’s Improvements Included:

  • An advanced settings menu that allowed competitive players to tweak aspects of the User Interface to their own personal preference.
  • Alignment of certain elements within the level to create better flow and allow the player to gain more speed and momentum. This gives an edge to more skilful players enabling them to achieve faster timings.
  • Advising developers on a new feature that was implemented to make the game more competitive, this included perfect level bonuses. Where a user must complete a level on maximum health, with all miners rescued and maximum points for that level to achieve a “perfect” run of the level. Only perfect runs are recorded on the online leaderboard currently.

Mobile Gaming App Development

Although Georgester can’t go into much detail about this game as it is yet to be released. What he can say is that he is currently working on the games mechanics and balancing. There is only a small team of specilists working on the development of this game and Georgester is one of the founding members of the project. Developers and artists work alongside Georgester in this project due to trusting his prior experience in the field of competitive games.

Georgester’s role within this project is extremely large as he is designing the mechanics of the game in its entirety. I also have the final say on aspects of the game such as the storyline, lore and marketing material must be approved by Georgester.